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Where can I use it?

Schild can be utilised on all glass surfaces that need protection.

This includes providing protection for tellers behind glass panels, windows in jewellery shops, windows of your vehicle, and any other situation where it may be applicable to make use of a protective laminate film. Our purpose is to keep you and those around you safe. Hence, our laminate film is not limited to use on exterior windows and can be applied to interior glass as well.

What can I use it for?

Chip protection

Our chip resistant film is a revolutionary product that we believe every car should have. It is an essential part of our range, that can save you the worry of having to deal with the damage of an accidental chip. This anti-scratch laminate is applied on the outside of your windshield for successful protection.

When installation of this film is complete you will have the peace of mind that should you have an encounter with small stones, hail or other small flying debris, you’ll be guarded against the chips and cracks they tend to cause.

Protection Against Smash & Grab

Providing safety for our clients is our main goal. With our smash & grab resistant film, you are protected in the unfortunate event of a smash and grab or vehicle hijacking.

During installation, our expert team applies the smash & grab resistant film to the inside of all your vehicles’ windows for maximum protection. This film is market leading, and with its 99% UV protection and anti-glare properties, we distinguish from our competitors in quality and affordability. This film also provides a 35% tint to your windows.

Bullet-resistance for Vehicles

With its 600 SCG transparency, our blast and bullet-resistant laminate is market leading. Our teams strenuous research and testing allowed us to provide our clients with a product like no other, hence no other brand in South Africa offers a security laminate solution this powerful.

The unfortunate statistics of smash & grabs and vehicle hijacking in South Africa makes that our blast & bullet-resistant film is the extra protection you crave in the event of an attack on your vehicle. Our experienced team applies this film onto all windows in your vehicle to ensure your necessary safety. Although our 600 SCG security laminate was initially designed for buildings, its properties have proved to be a useful laminate film for vehicles as well.

Bullet-resistance for Buildings

Our expert installation team is able to cover the interior and exterior windows of your building, shop or home with our highly effective bullet-resistant film.

After years of research and testing, we can confidently say that our product is market leading. This 600 SFG Security laminate can be applied directly onto building windows in order to protect individuals and businesses in the event of a break-in, an armed attack, bomb blasts or natural disasters. This product also offers 99% UV protection.