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About Schild

Schild protection films have been designed with varied thickness to assist its safety and security qualities.

Our laminate film offers a variety of additional benefits from UV protection to enhanced privacy for vehicles, homes and business spaces. Although its thickness aids in its safety, these security films are still strategically thin as to not interfere with your window or glasses purpose whilst still providing the necessary strength and flexibility.

How does it work?

Our films can be installed over any existing window or glass by our certified installers, bringing our clients a cost-effective solution compared to alternative bullet-resistant options.

Firstly, our film is cut to fit your specific dimension requirements for a flawless looking finish that blends with your existing framing and glass. Before Schild is applied, a thorough cleaning of the surface is done. With extra strength adhesive to ensure its grip, our experienced installation team then utilises their skills to leave you with an excellent and professional finish.

What is bullet-resistance?

Bullet-resistance is classified by the amount of strength a material can withstand from a physical attack – this can refer to intrusions from firearms or other weapons. Whichever form of intrusion is used, bullet-resistance should guarantee that the glass can withstand them without breaking or shattering.

Benefits of Schild

Alongside its excellent security protection, Schild also offers:

UV ray protection

Over and above the minimised exposure to dangerous UV rays to your skin and eyes, this protection also assists with things like sun bleaching on your car seats, or home and office items.
Schild can be considered as an affordable investment in your safety and security as it is a once off application that yields long-term protection.
High versatility
Schild is a versatile safety solution as it does not require any glass replacements as the laminate film is applied directly onto your existing windows and/or glass.
It is transparent
Once Schild is installed to your windows and/or glass it imitates their original appearance but with added safety and security. A 35% tint can however be added if desired.